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We can help you through the process to obtain your C-TPAT accreditation. We can also help you with the monthly follow up.

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since 1989

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Fuel tax reports
& highway tax

We are producing IFTA reports, and the Highway Tax report from New York, Oregon, New Mexico and Kentucky.

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  • Obtaining trucking permit (NIR, ICC (fmcsa), DOT, FED ID, BOC3, UCR)
  • Registration(IRP, plate) highway tax (Ny Nm Ky et Or)
  • Temporary and special permit (Trip & Fuel, Over size, Alcohol, Divisible load, E-Zpass, Pre-pass, ect.)
  • Production Fuel tax report and Highway tax
  • Production of annuals reports (corporation tax)
  • Log book management
  • management driver file
  • CTPAT certification and follow up after certification
  • Collecting site for drugs and alcohol testing